Where’s The Automatic WordPress Plugin Updater?

I’m beginning to despise some of the plugins that I have installed for WordPress, particularly those dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These plugins seem to require updates on a weekly basis! Why do I hate this?

  • I have to download the plugin time and time again.
  • I have to extract the plugin time and time again.
  • I have to open Filezilla to re-upload the plugin time and time again.
  • It’s irritating as hell!

So, with all these frustrations in mind, I’d like to ask the developers in the WordPress community: Where’s the Automatic WordPress Plugin Updater? 

What’s that you ask? Well here’s a list of things it does:

  • Automatically backs up your current WordPress plugins folder.
  • Automatically downloads the plugins with available updates.
  • Automatically installs these plugins.
  • Saves you the time and irritation of doing it yourself.

How lazy of me, I know. I just can’t bare to open Filezilla for another plugin update.

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Corvida Raven

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