WordPress Needs To Get With Web Standards

In my spare time, I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of sites on Web Standards and Accessibility. The one thing that’s become a big hindrance since, is WordPress. When you post to your site using the provided WYSIWYG application for WordPress, sometimes, tags won’t be formatted correctly. I have a new site, a site focused solely on art and design, and I try to keep that site XHTML error free. I validate it every time I make a change to it or post to it. It’s a little too late to do the same for this site. The problem is that even though I don’t use WordPress to post (Windows Live Writer for me), I still have to go back in and edit a lot of code, especially when it comes to images! I absolutely hate that. It’s irritating and time consuming. Does anyone know of a fix to this problem? Does it even happen to anyone else, or is it just me?

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Corvida Raven

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