Windows Live Writer Software vs. Microsoft Word

After reading this article over at, I decided to download Windows Live Writer to use as my web authoring tool. I’m sick of the slowness of WordPress. I’d been meaning to do this earlier this week when I heard that I could easily implement Technorati tags into my posts. This article got me to check out Word 2007’s blog post feature and to finally stop procrastinating on downloading Live Writer. Creating a post in both softwares is easy enough and both have support for various blogging platforms, including WordPress and other popular platforms. They both have 1 feature that makes me like one more than the other on each other; Live Writer has Technorati tags, while Word 2007 can make your posts look awesomesauce with all their new features, most of which you can use for your posts. To find out more about Live Writer, head on over here. I’m currently using it and loving it. If I ever want to get fancy with a post, I’ll give Word 2007 another try.

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