Why The Entertainment Industry Should Pay More Attention To Twitter

Don’t believe me? Gossip Girl, a school-drama TV show similar to the O.C., premiered a new episode tonight. As the show carried on for a full hour, it became a new trend on Twitter. Most of the tweets are as expressive as can be about tonight’s episode considering the 140 character limit. Check it out for yourself.


TV Shows Take Over Twitter Trends

Apparently Gossip Girl wasn’t the only hot show for Tweeters tonight. Heroes and Chuck also made the list. Let’s see what Tweeters thought of Heroes tonight:

heroes trend on twitter 

As you can see, quite a few people were not interested in this tonight’s episode of Heroes, garnering mixed reviews. On the other hand, tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl garnered mixed reviews also but for the most part Tweeters hated to love it! Wouldn’t be something if people were using Twitter to decide which show to watch tonight based off of tweets that rate the first 5-10 minutes of each show? If so, playing your cards right could help give some sway to one show over others.


Caught On Twitter: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

I also noticed that lots of people didn’t mind tweeting their annoyances about a show. In Gossip Girl’s search stream, 3 tweets went by that really stood out. These are tweets I would’ve paid attention to if I worked on the set of Gossip Girl. Tonight’s episode introduced a new storyline for one of the main characters; Chuck Bass. What did tweeters think of it?

gossip girl tweet





However, some tweeters weren’t happy with another main character.


And if you’re a Gossip Girl fan on Twitter then you’d know the following:


XOXO, Corvida

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