Why I Don’t Want Search On Twitter

twitter logoWith the news of FriendFeed’s new search feature has come the questions of where is Twitter‘s search feature? Let’s think about this for a moment…

What’s the greatest thing about Twitter?

For me, it’s the amount of information that’s both selective and useful, thrown my way every day by my followers and those I’m following on Twitter. I could use any major search engine to find the answer to quite a few of the questions I ask on Twitter. I could wade through hundreds of articles to find only five (5) that were worth my time and effort. I could do all of these things, but as I find more informative and intelligent people to follow on Twitter, they make using search engines seem so…1999!

Now, this doesn’t apply to everything that I think to search for. Twitter isn’t somewhere I can go to find music. Twitter is the place to go to for those great, hard to find, resourceful insights and commentary. With Twitter, you have the power of people at your fingertips to help find what you’re looking for more efficiently than any search engine ever has!

As I stated in the beginning, I could use a search engine to find what I’m looking for. Yet, I’d rather use Twitter, to connect with great minds that have scoured the internet for hours and have come out with bookmarks and links to great articles on just about everything! The search feature could certainly aid in the finding of previous messages and whatnot. Though, I’d rather see folks simply ask another person instead of another algorithm.

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.