Why all the facebook hype?

I really don’t understand why there’s so much hype surrounding facebook these days. I’ve been a member of facebook since ’05, when it was strictly for college students. At that time, it was something to talk about. It was like being part of an elite club. Now, facebook just isn’t what it used to be. I’ve edited a lot of privacy settings so that I’ll never receive an influx of invites and friend requests from people who I have no clue about. Personally, I’m beyond that. Can someone please explain why facebook is bigger now than it was 2 years ago?

On a side note, I’ve spent the better part of today upgrading to WP 2.2.2 and adding plugins and new themes. I’ve also spent a large amount of time finding a good flickr slideshow to put on the sidebar. Fortunately, I found 2 plugins! One takes up a whole page. Check it out in the ‘Photos’ tab! It’s simply stunning to me.

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