When Real Life Gets In The Way

ReadBurner, an aggregator of Google Reader Shared Items, is being shutdown by it’s own developer. Alexander Marktl just doesn’t have the time necessary to maintain it and real life is getting in the way. Personally, I’m not at all surprised by it, though I am a bit shocked that he’s even offering to sell Readburner’s web address and name. Nevertheless, this is what happens when you have a life offline and other commitments to honor. Kudos to Marktl for providing a link to one of the many alternatives and a good competitor (and clone) RSSmeme.

On that same note, this blog has been dead for much longer than usual (almost a month!)! That’s because real life has gotten in the way for me too. On top of that, there’s not much that’s going on that I’d like to share with you all that hasn’t already gone viral. I’ll try not to let this happen again, for both our sakes. So expect a few posts before the end of the day, and a little more tomorrow.

The point of this post was to simply say hey. If you miss me that much though, just head over to Twitter and add me.

ReadBurner Story [via] LouisGray.com

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