What Do You Do When Twitter Goes Down?

twitter Everyone procrastinates on Twitter, our darling micro-blogging web service and social network. You have a million things you need to do and instead you’re chatting it up on Twitter. I know; I did it today. So, when I found out that Twitter would be down today at 10 p.m. PDT I wondered what the hell would I do, though I could instantly think of a million things that I could do and probably should’ve been doing earlier. I sent out a reminder to my followers to let them know that Twitter would be going down in 40 minutes at the time. Then one of my followers replied with:


I’m going to watch movies and catch up on new services that I’m testing. Here are some responses from my Twitter Poll which asked the same question.


Twitter Poll!



Twitter Responses



To my visitors: What do you do when Twitter goes down?

Corvida Raven

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