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DailyBlogTips has an excellent and resourceful article linking to 71 other articles about blogging. The articles range from mere tutorials to great and sound advice for beginners and expert bloggers alike! My favorite article so far is "How To Make A Killer Blog" from HoneyTech blog (which I will subscribe to shortly). The article isn’t your usual scan/read article. It’s actually a great slideshow and a pretty funny one at that (if you have an imagination like mine). It gives you 10 ways to make your blog killer. I follow all except 3, 6, and 7.


#3. Pick Your Own Niche

The Technology niche is overpopulated like no other niche. Regardless, technology is my passion. As of right now, I try to pick a main focus in tech, for tech can mean many things. You could be referring to computer hardware, software, the internet, social networks, gadgets, programming, etc. Because of the aforementioned reasons, I try to focus on the internet, social networks, and software because these are the 3 areas that I know quite a bit about and actually delve into on a daily basis. In this way, I feel I’m picking a niche within a niche (sub-niche?).


#6. Write Good Headlines

I think this is self-explanatory lol. What would you have named this post?


#7. Use Other Media

I really don’t use a mixture of media on here for one reason: I don’t like when things slow down. My internet connection changes weekly. I may be tethering my Motorola Q one week and on a friend’s wireless connection the next week. Because of this, I never really know what type of speeds I’m going to get and I’d like to access my own site with no problem. I’d like you to have that same luxury. So I keep the media’s to a bare minimum. Plus, I’m an impatient person. I don’t listen to podcasts (self-diagnosed ADD), and most videos take way too long to download (I hate streaming too). So, I don’t use it on my site. However, if there’s any particular type of media you’d like to see featured on the site don’t hesitate to drop a comment or email me and let me know.

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