WebKut: Quickly Capture Website Screenshots for Your Next Project

Adobe AIR App WebKut allows you to quickly take a screenshot of websites. I’m not a big fan of website screenshot apps for various reasons. They often only let you take a snapshot of the entire page or they’re really slow. However, WebKut isn’t weighed down by any of those problems.

Note: I have a thing for Adobe AIR apps. I don’t know why, but there just…sexy.

WebKut For Image Capturing


When I blog about an app or service, I go to its website and manually grab a snapshot of its logo. Then, I edit it in Microsoft Paint. I despise opening up Paint, but I despise opening up Photoshop even more for small things like cropping a logo. It’s a pain to do this over and over with every app review, but WebKut makes this process easier.

WebKut Features

There are three different capture options for WebKut:

  • Entire Page
  • Current View
  • Only A Selection

The first option is self explanatory. The second option is pretty neat. You can resize WebKut to take a snapshot of the page exactly how you see it in WebKut. I love the last option (selection only) because I usually just need a small portion of a site. You can save an image in JPG, PNG, and even PDF.You can also tweak the image quality and ratio for each format and choose where you’d like the image to be saved.

WebKut Limitations

There are only a handful of limitations with WebKut, but none bother me enough to dump the app. WebKuts homepage notes that:

On Microsoft Windows, PDF document and some Flash animations in web pages will be replaced by blank spaces.

The maximum height for an image is 2880 pixels.

Hardly a dealbreaking problem. Another limitation that is an annoyance, is the lack of support for naming your screen capture when saving it. If the developers are listening, please fix this.

Awesomesauce Approved

awesomesauceapproved Yes, WebKut is awesomesauce approved. Why? It’s simple, efficient, and is saving me a ton of time! What’s not to like about an app that does all of that for free?

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