Watch What You Say Online As Well As Offline

Today, I posted about an important lesson I learned on the difference between connecting and engaging online and offline. It’s a good read so be sure to check it out. I’d like to talk to you now not about a lesson I learned, but one I’d like to share with conference organizers and people in general. What you say offline, will get you in just as much trouble as the things you say online.

Tips For Aligning Your Online Image With Your Offline Engagements

@LizaWasHere: @Cecilyk Remember his opening line? HCJr thought all the women bloggers would have short hair and be wearing suspenders. #blissdom

Last night at the Fuze club in the Opryland Hotel, Harry Connick Jr. performed for the ladies attending the Blissdom conference in Nashville, TN. During his set, Harry made a not so funny comment that belittled women bloggers and lesbians. It raised the eyebrows of several women, myself included. Some people walked out and refused to sit through Harry’s set. Others set to Twittering their frustrations.

I’d like to a different approach on my blog and share some tips for conference organizers and presenters to keep in mind when speaking at events:

  • Know your audience before you show up
  • If you received a warm welcome, GIVE IT BACK!
  • Play positive messages to get positive feedback (Kevin Carroll‘s keynote was a great example of this at Blissdom)
  • Be informed of what’s appropriate and not appropriate to say to your audience
  • Leave your pre-conceived notions at the back door

I continue to applaud Alli Worthington and Barbara Jones for putting up an awesome conference.  These ladies know their audience very well and are just as great online as they are in person. Why don’t you take a moment to share your offline no-no’s in the comments.

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