Wakoopa Web Service Review

Wakoopa Logo

 Wakoopa is a beta web service with the slogan “software gone social”. I have never read a slogan that fit a service more perfectly nor one that made me smile. To sum it up, Wakoopa is a web service that tracks the programs that you use on your computer via a downloadable tracker and provides different types of feedback about your software. It updates your profile with a list of those programs and along with usage stats every 15 minutes. The tracker is a light 365kb download and only requires 892kb for installation. Once you install it, the tracker sits in your system tray with no problems nor bothers. As of right now, it’s not using any of my CPU, which I’m quite happy about.

Once your stats are uploaded, you head over to your profile page where you can see data on the programs your contacts are using, reviews of the software you use, updates for the software you use, and recommendations (of course)!

For me this is a great service because I’m always interested in new software or finding similar or better software to replace some of the programs I already use. I think this is a great site for finding software that suits you, plus, you can expect the reviews to keep coming from me! I’m curious to know how the social networking aspect will go. What do you think?

Corvida Raven

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