Update FriendFeed With Jabber/Gtalk Bot

There’s an new app on the block using the newly launched FriendFeed API! Head over to the blog of IMified to get news of their FriendFeed Jabber/Gtalk Bot!

You can use the bot to post updates to FriendFeed. However, getting alerts for comments, likes, and other other updates have been put on hold until more feedback about the FriendFeed bot comes in from users. Here’s an excerpt from the post announce it’s release:

We’ve created a Jabber/Gtalk IM bot for posting entries to your friendfeed stream. It supports posting links and messages for now. Add friendfeed@imified.com to your jabber/gtalk buddy list and send it a message to try it out. Send “help” to the bot to see how it works.
We held off on offering IM alerts of updates and comments because we want to hear from you on how you’d like to see them work. Do you want alerts of all activity? Alerts only from certain friends? Alerts from certain services? Please let us know and we’ll follow your lead.

Created in just an hour, the FriendFeed Jabber/Gtalk bot is also using the IMified API, which you can also use to create your own FriendFeed or personal website bot.

I’m testing it out now. In the meantime, keep those FriendFeed apps coming! =D

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