Unlimited Storage Says Yahoo!

New tidbit of information found over at Techcrunch…..

To celebrate the approaching 10th anniversary of Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! is planning to offer unlimited storage to it’s users starting in May. When I say it’s users I mean all of it’s users! No strings attached (so far). Be sure not to violate any terms when this happens (such as using your account as a storage service). The current capacity right now is 1GB (less than GMail). This will be an interesting show. I’m anxious to see how Google is going to respond to this. I’m not sure if they’ll offer unlimited storage themselves, but maybe they’ll speed the storage counter up! Lord knows they need to. This probably won’t be enough for me to switch elsewhere though. I love me some GMail! I’m only using 14MB’s over on GMail, and yes, I delete mail (gasp!).

Corvida Raven

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