Learning Social Media: Discover What Apps Your Followers Use To Tweet

twitter Have you ever wondered what your favorite followers on Twitter are using to tweet? I’ve always been interested in discovering what Twitter clients my followers are using. It leads to quite a few diamonds in the rough like Blu and DestroyTwitter. Finding out what they use can be especially useful if you’re looking for a better mobile Twitter client and you’re NOT an iPhone user.


Pay Attention

So how do you find out what application someone is using to tweet? Simple (see screenshot below):



Tweets that are not a direct reply to someone are usually followed by a small line containing how long ago a tweet was made and what was used to send the message. Paying attention to this small, but very informational line can help you find new twitter clients to try out in advance. You never know what people are twittering with these days!


What are some neat Twitter tips that you’ve found?

Corvida Raven

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