Twitter Question #2: How To Receive Mobile Notifications From Specific Twitter Accounts

twitter-logoI received another question via Twitter from Linda Sellers (@Linda_Sellers). Linda asks, ” […] do you know of an iphone app that allows you to receive a push notification from one or a few people ONLY?” Unfortunately, I didn’t (do you?). In my experience with notifications from iPhone Twitter clients, they usually don’t work unless the person is tweeting from the very same client. However, Twitter has a mobile text notification option on its website that will send any mobile phone notification updates from specific Twitter account with the ability to reply back. First, enable text messaging through Twitter in your Profile settings under the Mobile tab. In this section, you can customize which text message notifications you receive. Here is where you’d select the option to receive “Tweets from people you’ve enabled for mobile notifications”. You can also enable Direct Messages (DMs) to be sent to your phone via text and set a time a turn off time for updates to stop being sent for a period of time. Now visit the profiles of the users you’d like to receive updates from and select the small mobile phone icon located next to the “Following” option. The icon next to this will allow you to opt-in or opt-out of retweetsfrom that user. You’re done!


Replying to updates via text is the same as tweeting. To reply text “40404“ and “d corvida Nice tip!” (without the quotes of course). Note that you must be following the person to receive their updates via text. Not many mobile, web, or desktop Twitter clients take advantage of this feature. The Twitter for iPhone client reverts to attempts at sending notifications via the iPhone’s system. This limits you to the Twitter website for accessing this option. However, if you use the mobile website to access Twitter via your phone you’ll see the small mobile icon appear when viewing Twitter profiles. Linda, I hope this helps :)

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