Twitter Is Not Just For Geeks and Definitely Not For Money

The truth is, twitter is for geeks. Actually, it’s not even for geeks, it’s for uber-geeks. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I use twitter myself and have at times been called a geek. But to someone who uses the Internet for business (gasp!) and to make money, Twitter is often just a distraction.

Money Well well well. You have no idea how much I disagree with this. I make money off of Twitter all the time. Even Marshall Kirkpatrick does (see: Twitter is Paying My Rent). If your sole purpose of being on Twitter is for monetization purposes. Get real and get lost. Your chances of doing that is about as great as Twitter’s chances of doing that and so far, they’ve been S.O.L.

I use the Twitter for business all the time. I also use it for pleasure. I make business connections daily on Twitter. I develop and grow them with every tweet. I establish my brand and my name everyday on Twitter. That’s potential money whether you want to believe or not and that’s doing business. I just haven’t advanced on any of these opportunities in a financially beneficial way because money has never been my primary focus.

Who Else Is Twitter For?

  • Political advocates
  • College students
  • Teachers
  • Administrative groups
  • Small companies
  • Designers (Web, Graphic, Print, etc)
  • Stay at home moms
  • Teens
  • Old people
  • People going through a mid-life crisis
  • People that are looking for help
  • Shop-a-holics
  • Movie Buff
  • Librarians
  • People who are bored

Geeks? Not really. While most of Twitter’s conversations can be dominated by tech related news, that’s entirely dependant upon who you’re following. The average Joe can get on Twitter with a group of friends and make plans for Friday night and even invite others in the same area to stop by. This is a network, not a friggin money machine. If you want money out of Twitter, then you should be establishing money making connections. Twitter isn’t money. The connections are where the money comes from. Twitter just gets all that money – err, connections… in one place for you to fish for.

I’m sorry, but being on Twitter doesn’t make you a geek or even an uber-geek. It doesn’t make you anything to be honest. You’re just on Twitter and you happened to find it before mainstream got to it. The same happens with movies, fashion, and other niches. I repeat: You just got there first. Twitter does not make you a geek.

Corvida Raven

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