Opt-Out of Seeing Your Friend’s Retweets on Twitter

twitter logo“Who is this person and when did I follow them?” I think we’ve all had this thought cross our minds when someone uses Twitter’s native retweet button. It’s not immediately clear upon first glance that it’s a retweet from a friend. Even worse, it may not always be something you care to see. Thankfully, you can unfollow the retweets of any of your followers with these quick steps.

Make Retweets Disappear Like Magic

Just tap the person icon next to the follow button on the profile of anyone that you follow. A drop-down menu should appear and with an option to turn retweets on and off.

Twitter Following Profile Options

This is a nice and convenient feature for me to keep the noise levels down in my stream. However, I sometimes wonder if turning this feature off messes with the serendipitous nature that I love about Twitter, causing me to miss out on what could’ve been a great connection to someone new. However, some folks I’m following have a mix of interests and disabling native retweets helps me fine-tune what I see from them.

Which do you find more valuable to your twitter experience:
enabling or disabling native retweets?

Corvida Raven

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