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Since I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Twitter over the past week or so, I’ve tested a number of Twitter applications that use the Adobe AIR platform. I’d like to give my opinion on two (2) of these applications; Snitter and Spaz.

Snitter is the AIR application I use on my desktop to keep up-to-date with Twitter. Two things I love about it are that it comes packaged with various themes and the filesize is extremely small! I love apps that I can be customized. A couple of features that I thoroughly enjoy that enhance my Twitter experience are the buttons that allow you to easily reply to someone in your timeline, direct message them, and the option to favorite a certain conversation. It’s really a time saver to just click a button that not only brings up the ‘@’ symbol, but also the name of the person I’m replying to. Now I don’t have to remember the long and sometimes crazy usernames of those that I’m following. You can also easily trash your own Tweets with the click of a button. If the list of updated tweets is getting too long, there’s  a “clear tweets” button that will clear all tweets showing up in Snitter. With the latest update, there’s also a button to automatically make links smaller.

The feature that I love to use the most is the profile view feature. Here, you can type in any username and view their profile. Why is this so awesome? Well, I’m tracking the word ‘sidekick’ on Twitter. So, anytime the this is mentioned on twitter, I’m sent a text message on what was said and who said it. The profile feature is great because now I don’t have to go to the twitter site to see the profile of whomever I’m searching for. Not only does Snitter show the brief synopsis of the profile, but also the latest tweets from that user. Snitter is far from perfect, though it’s very close. Sometimes I have to restart it and sometimes it can get a little sluggish. Also, I wish I was able to view the Public Timeline, which is the most recently listed Tweets from everyone on Twitter. Spaz has this feature and I adored it! Speaking of which…

Spaz was incredible! It has a beautiful interface and the incredible feature of viewing the Public Timeline of Twitter. I absolutely adored this application. The same features listed in Snitter can also be found in Spaz. My problem with Spaz was that I was having a lot of update issues. It can be incredibly slow in updating tweets. When I ran both applications at the same time, Tweets from Spaz would come in 2-3 minutes after Snitter. Yes, the intervals of updating where the same. Also, it was more sluggish than Snitter, even when I didn’t use the Public Timeline (which for some reason made me think that using it would cause the app to slow down). It was too sluggish for me. So I had to cut it.

Overall, they’re great programs that I recommend to the Twits of the world! You can find very valuable features in both. Plus, any desktop app for Twitter beats going to the Twitter site itself (and don’t get me started on that)!

Corvida Raven

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