Twhirl Integrates TwitPic and TweetScan

twhirl Twhirl, a popular Twitter client, has released a small update with some big changes today. twhirlockAfter I updated my client, I noticed right away that the people who I was following that had protected updates now had a lock icon over their avatar. A great reminder for those of us who are following too many to remember who’s keeping their messages private and who’s not.


There’s now a search feature that implements the TweetScan service. TweetScan is a “real time search engine for Twitter posts.” It’s very fast search engine too! There’s also an option to search using the Terraminds service, though this was implemented back in December. Unfortunately, there’s a limit on the amount of search results that turn up in Twhirl. Here’s a screenshot:



TwitPic is a great service for posting images to Twitter. I’ve used it only a handful of times, but it was easy and very simple to do. Now, Twhirl is bringing TwitPic to you! That’s one less tab that you have to open for Twitter. You can find this feature right above the icons for shortening links and posting your message to twitter. Clicking the icon brings up a window to select an image on your computer. From there, twhirl does the rest of the work.



If you’re looking for a desktop twitter client, Twhirl is a great application and it runs on Adobe’s AIR platform. I’ve recommended it numerous times. It has great features and these recent additions are no exception. Twhirl is making itself your #1 twitter destination and I’m hoping to see an integration of hashtags in the search feature, which Brian Solis of touches on in “Tools for Monitoring Conversations in Twitter”.

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