This Safari Beats Going to the Opera

Well my dear friends, I tried…Safari for the first time this week. For the past couple of weeks Opera (my main browser) has been giving me a hard time, especially in the memory department. I really don’t know what’s going on with it. Too many bookmarks? Perhaps, though I doubt it. It’s still irritating nonetheless. I can’t switch to Firefox because…well…memory leaks were the reason I switch from it and to Opera. This is how I came to download Safari. Trust me, it was a last resort.

This is a huge step for me because I try to stay away from Apple products and software. This is not to be taken as me thinking Apple is evil (which I do), but rather as a personal choice. Apple is becoming very greedy and possessive these days. They don’t share fairly with the consumer and they seem to have become a bit egotistical. However, we all know IE isn’t the best in the batch. Firefox is just too sluggish these days and Opera seems to be headed down the same path for unknown reasons. This leaves Safari (imho), and I must say that I am blown away! It’s working exactly how my Opera browser should be working and with more HTML/CSS compatibility on certain sites. It’s speedy starting up, though no bookmarks have been added, it’s speedy loading sites, and it’s compatible with most of the sites I visit! It’s also stable, which was a worry for me. It hasn’t crashed yet! Then again, it’s only been 3-5 days. So far it’s a keeper.

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