The Youtube of Powerpoints: AuthorStream

AuthorStream is the latest web service that provides Youtube-like services for a product. While Scribd focuses on documents and other formats, AuthorStream focuses on Powerpoint presentations. The service allows you to upload and share Powerpoint presentations with other members. In turn, they can comment and rate your presentations. You can even embed the powerpoints on your blog or website like I did below.

All sites with the same focus are becoming a pool of copyrighted material. I can only imagine how people will eventually use these services, especially students. I can just see students pulling papers from Scribd and presentations from AuthorStream with disregard to plagarism and possibly no punishments. As a student myself, I feel some measurements need to be taken if these sites would like to ensure that they do not end up in the same boat as Youtube and to make the workload of a professor a whole lot easier when it comes to plagarism.

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