The One Feature Twitter is Missing

I pondered this feature yesterday and Benjamin Golub, creator of RSSmeme, twittered it this afternoon. I’ll just retweet his tweet:

Twitter needs a "wall-to-wall" view like Facebook has to better visualize a conversation between 2 people

I was thinking about it because I’m sick of going through my old tweets on Twitter to see what someone might be referring to when replying to me and it doesn’t correspond with any of my most recent tweets. A wall-to-wall feature such as the one in Facebook would be awesomesauce! Plus, it’s a great way to recall and ask for updates on previous situations. Or maybe you forgot who told you what about a new web service that caught your eye; it beats going through all your tweets to find out who it was, especially if you’re following over 50 people that tweet pretty often (I know I do)!

Among other features that Twitter is missing, I think this may well be the easiest to implement and one of the coolest (though I am by no means a developer). With that being said, I humbly request the developers of Twitter to add this feature….ASAP! If you agree, please promote the revolution for a Twitter wall! =P

What other features for Twitter do you wish would be implemented right now?

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