The Negative Impact of Kanye West’s Disgraceful VMAs Outburst

Kanye West pulled an embarrassing outburst at the VMAs last night. The video embeded above are my thoughts on how his outburst caused a huge negative impact on Black entertainers.

If you didn’t catch the show last night (or if you were watching True Blood instead) 19 year-old country singer Taylor Swift won an award for “best female video”. In the middle of her thank you speech, Kanye West interrupted to publicly humiliate this young woman by stating that  Beyonce had the best music video of all-time, instigating that Beyonce basically should’ve won the award instead of Taylor.

Update: Kanye’s Pitiful Apology


“Don’t ever fix your lips like collagen / Say something where you gone end up apologizing.” KANYE WEST

Take your own advice Kanye. Personally, it was a horribly embarrassing scene to watch unfold live on national TV. Though Beyonce did her best to rectify the situation towards the end of the show, this is a moment that will forever stain Taylor’s memories of her first VMA award. I felt it was an embarrassment not just to Taylor, but also to Beyonce, MTV, and the black community overall. The media will completely blow this situation out of the waters and Kanye set the worst example for future black entertainers, especially in Hip-Hop/Rap, that look up to him and want to follow in his footsteps. In light of this, I felt the need to speak on the situation and so did my brothers who were watching the show with me.

One of my Social Geeks Podcast co-hosts, Wayne Sutton, brings to light another perspective on the situation by asking: MTV’s biggest dot: Could you fix Kanye West personal brand problem? #VMA. Wayne goes on to state:

Kanye’s behavior isn’t new, from the President Bush remarks to previous MTV awards outburst, but tonights incident clearly takes the cake and could be career threatening to such an artist the relies on the public to make money by selling music and performing.

Wayne goes on to list how he would handle Kanye’s ridiculous stunt if he were on his marketing team.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on either post about Kanye’s outburst and also how you feel about our thoughts on the situation at hand. Get to commenting.

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