The iPad Debate: Do You Need Another Screen?

I have to agree with Mike Melanson when it comes to the iPad: who needs another device?

I felt like I’d missed out by passing on the original iPhone. With the release of the iPhone 3G, I waited over 4 hours to get an iPhone 3G on the first day of its release. This is in addition to driving countless hours to countless stores to find the damn thing.

The App Store and iPhone developers across the globe would make the tedious wait worth it. The tech community was ready for something like the iPhone 3G now more than ever. So was I.

I’ve only owned an iPod once and it was given to me as a graduation gift. I am not an Apple fan girl, but the feeling I got with the iPhone hasn’t carried over to the iPad.

Gadgets are all the same to me. What sells me is the experience and need each device meets. I’m not sold on the iPad’s experience, and I really don’t see a need – never mind the hefty price tag.

For the past week, I’ve been playing with a Sony VAIO equipped with Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology (Disclosure: Courtesy of Intel). The WiDi technology allows me to stream YouTube videos and Flickr Albums to my family living room, no matter what room I’m in.

I have a large family and when everyone is in one room, things can get crowded. The WiDi experience is a win by filling the need to not have 5 or 6 people crowding around a small screen. In fact, it lets you take advantage of the biggest screen in your house using your computer.

The iPad doesn’t fill a need for me.

What need can the iPad meet for you?

Corvida Raven

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