The BrightKite That I Hope To See…

blog In my post “Using Social Media to Get Out of Your House”, I recommended some great social media tools and services that I use to get out of my house. However, one particular service I told you that I’d save for another post. Why? Because Brightkite has so much potential, that I’d only just begun to see when they released their Brightkite app for the iPhone. It’s phenomenal and well worth having it’s own post.


Chris Brogan has written a remarkable post titled “If I Owned Brightkite” on the potential of Brightkite and I just wanted to share it with you all. Do you agree with Chris’ thoughts on Brightkite?

I’m watching you, BrightKite. I’m thinking long and hard about how this application can do more for businesses, for nonprofits, for humans in need of guidance through a secret world. I’m seeing linkages to several applications, to several other data stores in need of shaping.

Corvida Raven

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