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I starred quite a few articles last night and early this morning in Google Reader. Does anyone else feel like Microsoft’s new Windows Live homepage resembles iGoogle quite a bit? What ever happened to innovation?

The music industry isn’t the only place having leaking problems these days. Microsoft’s SP3 for XP is out and the torrents sites have gotten their hands on it! Minus 1 for Microsoft. Before you go looking for it though, there’s nothing big in this service pack.

With the Fall semester is right around the corner, Wired has an excellent article on the best online social networks for students that every Freshmen should read. They provide not only highlights for each network, but also sarcastically witty comments about the downsides. Accompanying this article is a beginner’s guide to BitTorrent, for those that enjoy that hella fast Internet connection your campus provides.

Last, but certainly not least, Mashable has provided yet another resourceful  WordPress article. This article features some fabulous 2-column WordPress templates (over 30 of them), for your viewing pleasure!

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