Take Your Feeds On A RSSVoyage

After going through my bookmarks, I came across a unique Flash visual RSS feed reader called RSSVoyage.

RSSVoyage is a RSS feed reader with a visual twist. Instead of displaying your feeds in a normal 2-3 panel window a la Google Reader, RSSVoyager shows you your feeds in 3D! It’s hard for me to describe the visual effect so how about I just give you a screenshot?


The articles are shown and organized based on a timeline. There’s an orange block located near the time shown at the on right hand side of the screen. Dragging this block to the left causes Voyager to cycle through the content from earlier, bringing them closer to you as if you’re flying through space and dragging it back to the right brings the most recent content to the forefront of your attention. A management pane sits nicely at the bottom and out of the way. Here you can add and delete feeds with relative ease.

Moving your mouse around also moves the display around to allow you to access the other floating content. Clicking on the plus sign of any of the articles will bring the article into better focus while dimming the other articles surrounding it. Click anywhere after reading a brief synopsis of the article and the focus will shift back to all the articles.

Personally, I couldn’t use RSSVoyage on a day to day basis and it could never replace Google Reader, but it’s visually entertaining and stimulating to watch and play around with from time to time.

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