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Social Media & The Web: 4 Tools I Wish My University Used

To Sarah Perez: You’re right, real people don’t have time for social media. In fact, real people, especially the ones that work at my university, don’t have time for the web period. My University Is Not Into Social Media nor the Web Itself Yesterday, I received a hard and shocking slap back to reality. I’m […]

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Effectively Establishing Your Web Identity

Normally if someone asked me about my area of expertise I’d say that I’m a social media maven. And while I can be, I’m beginning to think that maybe that word is too limiting as it pertains to establishing my web identity. Not the word maven, but social media.                What’s In A Name? […]

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4 Great Sites For Finding Popular Content

Community recommendations are becoming all the rage these days. While, Twitter and FriendFeed are popular ways to get recommendations within your personal networks and within a community, they don’t specifically cater to finding the most popular content within. Here are four great sites that give great recommendations of popular content within your own personal community […]

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Intwition – Another Twitter Link Tracker

Intwition is the latest Twitter link tracking web app to enter onto the scene created by IdeaShower.        What Can You Do? Find whose twittering about your website (enter your domain in the search bar above) View all tweets per page or per domain Track up to the minute tweets with the RSS feed for […]

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