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Social Media Is Far From Overrated

Today, Steven Hodson pointed out a great article in his post Is Social Media Losing Its Shiny New Luster? He pointed to a post by Mack Collier entitled Is Social Media overrated? Mack poses two really good questions about social media and companies:        So if Social Media is overrated and overhyped, as some claim, why […]

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Twitter: Where Everybody Knows The Best Links

Social networks have begun to put an alarming amount of information at our fingertips in the form of a link. Where we once struggled to find content, now we have to ask ourselves if clicking a link is worth our time. I hate coming to this crossroad, but there’s one platform that’s full of relevant […]

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Viral Content is Repetitive

Skellie of Daily Blog Tips has a great article listing 5 reasons why viral content is king right now. While every reason he points out is great and agreeable, I honestly can not stand viral content. Maybe it would be awesome if people could better discern what’s suited to actually be viral content and what’s […]

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