@Social Aggregators GIVE ME MY COMMENTS!

I love FriendFeed! I think it’s the next big thing and Louis Gray can back me on that with an impressive (though subjective) list of elite bloggers that are joining in on the fun. I love RSSmeme too! LinkRiver also has a space on my Firefox toolbar menu and Shyftr might be next. I’m sure you get the picture: I love aggregators!

With some of these aggregation sites, the ability to comment on a link that you and others have shared is a nicely integrated feature. It’s been a conversation starter and developer simultaneously. However with all these comments, none of these sites have the ability to post those same comments to the original article itself, thereby leaving quite a few authors ignorant of helpful tips, suggestions, and great conversations if they’re not on the site too.

I’d like to see developers take things to the next level and provide a way for authors to get access to these comments without having to register for these sites. Be it through email, or the development of some system to post these updates to the original article, it needs to done! Aggregators would be nothing without the articles that are being published everyday by these same people that they’re withholding valuable information from!

@Aggregators: Stop hogging all the attention and share the wealth of information that you have access to with others, especially with the publishers themselves!

***UPDATE: Head over to WinExtra to get Steven Hodson’s (a cranky but loveable old fart) flip-side to my idea.

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