Smorty May Not Be For Me

It’s been only 2 days since my Smorty post and I haven’t had a single response as to whether it will be accepted or rejected. After some deep digging, I still could not come up with anything to indicate the time period that advertisers had to approve of posts from bloggers. This deeply concerns me. I wrote the article in a timely manner and there is also a time limit for which you must write about whatever offers you accept. I’d like a time limit for advertisers too! Also, none of the offers that have come in have been decent offers. I once even got an offer from a company that spams! They should scan for these types of advertisement offers because who wants to include spam on their blogs? Seriously? If nothing is heard by tomorrow night or Saturday at the latest, I will be cancelling my account with Smorty. I could care less if they accept or reject my posts. I’m more interested in knowing in a timely fashion, whether or not my post was accepted or rejected. Time is money, and as of now, they are wasting mine.

Corvida Raven

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