Slacker Music Service Review

Next up is a music service known as Slacker.

Unlike the interface of Pandora, Slacker’s interface is all eye candy. It reminds me of the interface of the music service Rhadsody. You have a list of top stations, a folder containing all stations, and another folder for custom stations. If you are listening to the station of a particular artist, you will see a brief profile of that artist and related artists. Slacker, focuses less on finding similar music for you, and more on playing random songs of a particular genre or by a artist. I’ve yet to find any new music from this service. You can mark songs as favorites or ban songs from stations and send to a friend. Though, what it sends I’m not sure of. This as far as this service goes.The service is not nearly as fast as Pandora and sometimes freezes my browser. There is no social networking (as far as I know), and there is a limit on the number of songs that can be skipped within an hour (6 skips are allowed).

If you are interested in hearing the radio on the internet and not intentionally being introduced to new artists or songs, Slacker is the way to go. I’d use this service for a party. It usually plays the latest and/or greatest/hottest songs. Nothing more, nothing less. This service is still in beta and definitely has a few kinks to work out. I’ve experienced songs restarting for no apparent reason (my guess is because of caching), and weird sound effects happening in the middle of songs that were playing perfectly fine before. It’s not ready for prime time yet and it’s not nearly as good as Pandora, but I’d only recommend it for light listening right now. If you use Pandora. Stick with it.

Corvida Raven

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