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Quite a few people (myself included) would only want 1 feature in particular from the iPhone: the web browser. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a desktop web browser on their mobile phone? Pocket IE is the worst excuse for a browser that I’ve ever seen. I’d rather use the regular IE than to use pocket IE. I rarely use the internet on my phone now unless it’s very important. Loading times are too slow and I hate the stripped down version of the web. Mobile web browsing is a dead zone for me.

But it seems as if that’s all poised to change with the creation and beta release of Skyfire. News of the free Skyfire mobile web browser, for Smartphones with a full QWERTY keyboard and running Windows Mobile 5 and 6, has been spreading around the web and fast! It was shown at the DEMO 2008 conference today. There are claims from the Skyfire team that it’ll be the first mobile browser to support Flash 9. What does this mean? Youtube will now be available to your phone…for free! A Symbian client (for all you Nokia users) is in development. Bye bye video converters and hello Skyfire.

If their claims are true and Skyfire is released to the public, this browser will make headlines like no other web browser. Safari on the iPhone will get it’s arrogant but beautiful ass turned down a notch. Right now, Skyfire is accepting requests for their private beta. So, go sign up before it’s too late.

According to Webware, the way Skyfire achieves this is by acting as a proxy browser. In other words, the Windows Mobile application isn’t really a full web browser. Instead, Skyfire hosts an application on its servers that does all of the hard work of rendering the web content and then delivers it to the client software on your phone. On the one hand, this makes it easy to deliver full web content to the underpowered device in the palm of your hand. On the other hand, we’re a bit concerned about what would happen if Skyfire actually becomes popular and the company’s servers start to get hammered by users making web requests from their mobile phones.

– From DownloadSquad

Check out more news about it at DownloadSquad and Webware. What are your thoughts about Skyfire?

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