SheGeeks Teams Up With Grand Effect

Grand Effect Blogger Network

Sarah in Tampa blogger Sarah Perez extended an offer that I just couldn’t refuse! SheGeeks is now about of the Grand Effect network of bloggers!

What is Grand Effect?

Grand Effect is a small tech blog network [Sarah Perez] recently started with the help of another founding member, David Peralty of eXtra For Every Publisher. Our focus is only tech news – whether it’s computer tips, web apps, software, blogging, or social media, you can find it here on Grand Effect. We’re not trying to be the next big blog network, we’re just a few guys and gals who blog about tech.

We’re kind of picky with our membership, so we have chosen to start small, but we’re going to stay small, too. This way, Grand Effect will always be a community, and not a conglomerate. Our readers will benefit as well, because they will know that they can always find great content on the Grand Effect network members’ sites.

What Does This Mean For SheGeeks

I’ll still be blogging here and the site will remain the same, with the exception of the bar that you now see at the top, which sports links to all the other great members of the Grand Effect network! I recommend you all check out their sites. I subscribed to Sarah in Tampa and gHacks months ago!

What Can You Expect?

The same great posts that you see here now (duh)! You may possibly see a guest blogger or two in the future from the GE network and I’ll also be guest blogging on other blogs. If you’re looking for a guest blogger don’t hesitate to ask me. ;)

Thanks to Sarah and Martin for the huge welcome and love!

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