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sg4One of the most horrible April Fools’ jokes possible wasn’t even played on me yesterday, but I’m praying that’s exactly what happened: an April Fools’ prank that went too far.

Yesterday, quite a few of you who are following me on Twitter noticed that my site was down not once, but twice! It only got worse and worse as the day went on. There was a major billing fuck up from the previous hosting company that resulted in my good friend getting billed for over $2000, when she just paid the hosting bill last week! Yeah, I know it makes no sense. Still, she’s doing what she can to resolve the issue and has since allowed me to use my recently purchased domain name on the new hosting company’s servers! She’s an awesomesauce friend who’s hosted me since I was in the 8th grade (junior in college now) and I love her to death! I’m totally indebted to her and when I become a millionaire, I’ll have a monument resurrected in her name!

All in all, a lot of data has been lost (for now), because I recently deleted my WP backup and of course I have no access to my other files. If you see a link that doesn’t work or that’s pointing to the old url address, please point it out so that it can be changed asap! For those of you that are linking to me, I’d appreciate it greatly if you could change the links to as soon as you get a chance. If you’ve linked to a recent post, it’s fine to just change the site url to and keep the rest of the url address pointing to a specific post.

I’d also like to thank my personal Disqus tech support man Jason Yan, whom I’m also now in love with. I emailed him about the change of links and he emailed me back 4 minutes later with all my links pointing to the new site! That’s a customer service record for me! I didn’t have a backup of my index template either, but yet again, thanks to Yan I didn’t have to worry about it since he still had a most recent copy from a previous tech support question that I had. Yes, I told him I’m in love with him.

I’m glad I made the switch to Disqus because that helped a lot with this awkward and forced transition. I’d also like to thank Feedburner for allowing me to simply switch urls and still keep my subscribers. I think that’s the coolest feature in the world that needs to be integrated across the board.

I’m tired as hell and I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks to all of you who offered so much help and support and a special thanks to Frederic of The Last Podcast for letting me vent over the phone to him and giving me sound advice and recovery tips! Another special thanks to RSSmeme developer Benjamin Golub for being the reason I even thought to purchase before this whole fiasco started. You’re a lifesaver Ben! I need to make some awesomesauce badges for you all to sport on Twitter or something. Off to the land of Morpheus now!

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