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We’re always aware of what we shouldn’t to post on Twitter. The last thing you want to see in your replies tab is “TMI!” There’s no value for anyone in our latest toilet embarrassments. Consequently, there isn’t much about sex talk on Twitter. I know some of you voyeurs came here looking for Twitter porn. I’m afraid to say there isn’t much in this area.

Though the word sex is tweeted very often, these tweets are not of people revealing their latest escapades! So I tweeted to see if anyone would even want to read about this topic:

Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll Responses

Twitter Poll Responses

So Where’s The Sex On Twitter?!

Apparently you are interested. The closest thing to Twitter porn that doesn’t come from spam is @Twittilate. It’s not safe for work! It’s actually not that bad, but people have varying degrees of comfort. Twittilate’s stream has more innuendo’s and erotica than actual porn.

On the other hand, there’s always Twatr!

twatr_logoTWATR is an adult social network allowing you to share your dreams and fantasies with a like-minded – and kinky – audience. You’ll be able to share video, audio, and even live streams with the world all from the comfort of your desk or bed. Sit back, relax, and start TWATRing people now.

Well there you go you Twitter freaks.

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