Self Inflicted Un-Friendly(feed)

As of lately, members of the social aggregator Friendfeed are really starting to piss people off (including me). Here’s a look at why.

Attitude Problem

Smiley-Angry-256x256 The elitist attitude problem is definitely starting to take over on Friendfeed. Users are being down right rude to bloggers who have various issues with Friendfeed. For example, David Risely recently posted "The FriendFeed Orgasm And Why It Is Off The Mark". It’s a pretty controversial post, but only in the mind of Friendfeed users. Risely points out some echoed problems of Friendfeed, including it’s contributions to the "Conversation Fragmentation" arena.

Friendfeed users are complaining that Risely shouldn’t worry about where the comments about his content are going. Well, those same users should’ve left the numerous bloggers who complained about Shyftr doing the same (among other things), the same comments!

No Respect

Mr_Rude_White_Sugar-T On top of that, users are hiding behind the walls of Friendfeed riddled with snarky and borderline derisive words for Risely’s opinions.

The FriendFeed community (not as a whole) shows very little respect for those that disagree with the service. They’re doing the same thing that Mac fanboys are prone to doing: being ignorant. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen on Friendfeed.

Not Everyone Is A Friendfeed Junkie

LightbulbDavid Risely’s post pointed out valid problems of Friendfeed: really high noise levels and sucks for bloggers. Not everyone could care less about where the comments about their content is headed. While no one owns a conversation, you could still respect an authors opinions on what they’d like.

And who hasn’t said it; Friendfeed’s noise level is really high! Sure you can hide everything for an entire service or for various people, but that’s a tedious process in itself and doesn’t solve everything.

It’s a bit hard to wrap my head around some of the comments because some of these people are bloggers that I respect and who have always been polite and helpful when disagreeing with the opinions of not only myself but others.

This continued shallowness and "eye rolling" attitude will piss people off like crazy. As I stated on Friendfeed to Alex von Halem and Robert Scoble, not everyone is a Friendfeed junkie.

What’s so hard about respecting that?

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