Scoble’s Idiocy Makes Him Likable

This is all my own opinion, but I don’t think Scoble’s an idiot at all to be honest. I think he’s one of the most honest, and human, bloggers on the planet. I don’t think he tries to be anything or anyone but himself and I absolutely adore him for that. When he makes a mistake, he admits it. He puts his first feelings about everything out there for everyone to see. That’s pretty freaking honest to me. Most people would second-guess, or wait, or sugar coat how they feel about whatever they may be blogging about. This makes them seem remote and dishonest or even manipulative. Just write for crying out loud! Don’t cater your feelings to the audience you want to attract. Just blog! I don’t understand why the man has so many haters for no obvious reason, imo. To Scoble, I say fuck those that hate. I like most of what you have to say.  You have great open minded opinions and you do excellent interviews! You’re the most read in my Google Reader feeds! =D

Scoble: Idiocy Rules On Techmeme

Corvida Raven

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