Safari’s Memory Issues Larger Than Firefox’s?

With the recent release of Safari 3.1, there’s been news hailing it as the best browser out (for now). The speed of Safari was the most talked about feature and praised across the board. Well I’m here to complain about it.

Safari lasted all of 10 minutes on my laptop. I have 2GB’s of memory, 120GB of hard drive space (only using roughly 30GB), Pentium M Processor 1.70GHz, and my laptop is running XP Pro SP2. These are fairly decent specs, but Safari didn’t seem to think so.

As you can see, it’s memory usage was pretty damn high! Much higher than Firefox. This was all within 5 minutes of opening Safari. At first I thought it might’ve been because I was using Google Reader, which can have a negative impact on the amount of memory browsers use. Yet, even after closing Google Reader the amount of memory Safari used stayed the same. In Firefox 2, I would’ve seen this go down quite a bit.

Safari’s speed seems as though it’s strictly pertaining to the loading times of web pages. The browser is very hefty not only on my memory resources, but also in size, weighing in at a hefty 63MB’s. That’s more than twice Firefox 2’s size, twice Firefox 3’s size, and about 6 times Opera’s size.

What the hell Apple? Safari seems to have way more memory leaks than I could ever complain Firefox 2 has and that’s saying a lot! For a company with a great reputation for being innovative, you guys sure have a problem getting the basic tools right. The same problems go for iTunes also. What’s up with that Apple?!

Sorry Safari, you don’t have to go home, but you have to get the hell off my laptop! I also told you not to install your Apple Update software and you did it anyway! Where’s the trust?!

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