Reeder for Mac Beta Review

Remember the Reeder iPhone app I reviewed last year? Things are certainly looking up for the developers as they release their new Reeder for Mac application. Keeping in line with the simplistic design of its iPhone app, here’s a look at the new Reeder for Mac app.

You’ll need to sign-in with your Google Reader account to use Reeder.  This isn’t very clear initially and for a second I thought I had to sign-up for yet another service. Fortunately, you’ll only needed your  Google account info to get started. The layout of Reeder doesn’t stray from what Google Reader addicts are accustomed to seeing. Categories of your subscriptions are listed on the left, with a middle column showing the articles from a category. Just to the right of this column is where articles can be read, shared, or saved for later.

Content can also be viewed from their respective websites inside of Reeder by clicking on the title bar. This is great for playing embedded YouTube videos insider of Reeder,  which is a flawless experience (unless your connection is bad). Plus, I sometimes like to see how the author intended to have their content viewed in their blog designs. I just hope my clicks are counted.

Reeder for Mac Reeder for Mac

Reeder for Mac

Standard sharing options such as emailing an article, copying a link, or opening it in your default browser are complimented by:

  • Instapaper
  • ReadItLater
  • Delicious
  • Twitter

… and more of course.

I wonder if Reeder devs are taking cues from Google because both desktop and iPhone app user interfaces are beautiful and seamless. Moving from one app to the other is a smooth transition. While I’ve found numerous other apps to take Reeder’s place on my iPhone, Reeder for Mac has a permanent place on my new iMac! Here’s the download link: Reeder for Mac app.

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