ReadBurner VS RSSmeme Aggregation Show Down

rss2Well, someone was going to do it eventually, might as well be me. ;)

So, with the re-launch of the Google Reader Shared Items Aggregator (someone please shorten this!) ReadBurner I’m sure everyone’s wondering how it might compare to it’s closest competitor RSSmeme. Well, I’d have to say that they each have their strengths and weaknesses (as all things do), but one of them leads the pack by a hair (or would that be link).

What They Both Have

disqus-logo They both sport Disqus comment integration for comments and we all know how much I love Disqus! They also have great organization of each item that’s aggregated, separate pages for both authors and sources, and various views such as weekly, recently, and popular pages for items.

What RSSmeme Lacks

rssmeme Well for one, Google Reader is right there in ReadBurner, which could blow RSSmeme clear out of the water for some. I also find ReadBurner’s display of feeds to be better on the eyes and makes RSSmeme seem cluttered sometimes. However, the latter is a personal preference.  RSSmeme also lacks sections for better content organization.


What ReadBurner Lacks

readburner_logo Search! Even though it’s coming soon, I’m quite annoyed that this wasn’t integrated from the get go. ReadBurner also lacks different previewing methods such as list view and full view. There are also no tags for items on ReadBurner.

One thing that RSSmeme has that I actually love is that you can click to share an item right from RSSmeme. ReadBurner could greatly benefit from adding this feature too! Customization for the amount of stories you’d like to see or how many people need to share stories that you’d like to see is also missing from ReadBurner, though it was there in the first version of ReadBurner. Their statistics page isn’t as valuable as RSSmeme’s either (yet). Also, RSSmeme displays how many items have been shared by a particular user every time a user’s name appears. You don’t have to go to a page to find out, which is the exact opposite for ReadBurner.


RSSmeme For The Win (For Now)!

winner_icon_starpoint With all that being said, Benjamin Golub’s RSSmeme has clearly taken over since ReadBurner’s hiatus, though I’m sure some of the things that RSSmeme has over ReadBurner will soon be integrated into ReadBurner. RSSmeme may not reign for much longer.

Both web services are very valuable and I’d honestly advise users to use both services. It would be especially beneficial to use both to find related stories because I’m sure the algorithms are different. You may get more sources for one over the other depending on the item. On top of that, it may be a great way to find even more related stories.

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