ReadBurner Supports Newsgator And LightBox

While Benjamin Golub of RSSmeme has cranked out a host of great updates, the team over at ReadBurner has not been sitting idly. Today, ReadBurner has launched yet another service to their already growing list of supported linkblogs and another special treat for ReadBurner users.

Newsgator Support

Newsgator, makers of one of the best desktop feed readers FeedDemon, now has it’s plethora of products supported by ReadBurner. So if you’re a user of any of the Newsgator products, including FeedDemon, your shared items will now be counted as a vote on ReadBurner.


LightBoxed Articles

Another neat feature that is now available is the ability to view articles in lightbox. Lightbox is normally used to show images in a way that’s reminiscent of Apple’s Expose feature. You’ll see the article just as you would on the original website and the original site will get plenty of well deserved juice.

readburner with lightbox

Give Me More!

All in all, these are great updates to the service and it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. For one, this is going to be a great way to discover new linkblogs to subscribe to. This will also be a great way for bloggers to find out more about their audience over a broad range of similar services. Kudos to the ReadBurner team and keep them coming. Next time, do it LIVE!

Corvida Raven

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