ReadBurner + Netvibes = More Shared Items Goodness

readburner_logo If you’re tired of being left out of the ReadBurner democracy of having your shared vote counted, Netvibes users needn’t worry any longer. Today, ReadBurner has partnered with Netvibes for something special.

netvibes_logo Using the new APIs that Netvibes is soon launching for Ginger activity streams, ReadBurner will now pull in Netvibes shared items alongside Google Reader shared items. No registration will be required for Netvibe users. In fact, Netvibes users can add their shared items by going to and entering their Netvibes username. It’s that simple.

Parties on both ends seem confident about the new partnership. According to Franck Mahon, VP Product Development of Netvibes. :

We are very focused on making it easy for our users to share their favorite content with their friends or the public, […] It has really been a pleasure to partner with ReadBurner in testing our APIs and we’re really excited about opening Netvibes Ginger activities streams to external applications.

CEO of ReadBurner, Adam Ostrow,  notes:

"Netvibes Ginger is a revolutionary product that truly makes the start page a social experience,[…] We are thrilled to be working with Netvibes to allow their millions of users to help us determine the most important content on the Web in a completely transparent and opt-in way."

winner_icon_starpoint I’m sure bloggers and users who are fans of ReadBurner will be more than happy for more accurate statistics to how popular stories really are. Will there be many more partnerships like this? Only team will tell. Regardless,this is a positive move for both ReadBurner and Netvibes that users of both services can appreciate.

Corvida Raven

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