Rating Burner – The RSS Wall Street

RSS IconInstead of going by the usual traffic and pageview numbers,  Rating Burner ranks the top 400 blogs on the web mainly using RSS subscriber numbers as reported by Feedburner. One would think that would be pretty hard to keep track of because RSS numbers go up and down about as much as stocks. Well, welcome to the automated Wall Street of RSS.

One of the neatest features Rating Burner has is the displayed number of losses and gains. At the time of this post, an additional 12,721 people subscribed to TechCrunch, while ProBlogger lost a little over 7000 subscribers (Yikes!). And if you’re looking for sites with great PR, Rating Burner displays every site’s PageRank.

While Rating Burner is still getting on it’s feet (more blogs and sites need to be added), I think it’ll become a ‘must bookmark’ site and a great place to find more blogs to subscribe to. However, I’m curious to know why such a site with an emphasis on RSS wouldn’t have an RSS feed of their own to subscribe to?

I’d like to thank Louis Gray for discovering and publishing news about Rating Burner! Check out his article for a great and more in depth look at Rating Burner.

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