Protect America…Yeah right

I got wind of this article through Scoble’s link list. Steven Hodson had quite a few comments on an article posted at the Threat Level blog. To quote Hodson’s response, which quotes Ryan Singel at Threat Level:

A new law expanding the government?s spying powers gives the Bush Administration a six-month window to install possibly permanent back doors in the nation?s communication networks.  The legislation was passed hurriedly by Congress over the weekend and signed into law Sunday by President Bush.

The bill, known as the Protect America Act, removes the prohibition on warrantless spying on Americans abroad and gives the government wide powers to order communication service providers such as cell phone companies and ISP’s to make their networks available to government eavesdroppers.

You can check out Steven Hodson’s entire response, respectively titled ‘Orwell Turns In His Grave – No-One Notices’.

My response, Hodson made a valid point of noting that most people would simply ignore this and come to the ignorant conclusion that the next President will simply repeal this and that will be that. He also asks for the drugs they are smoking that led to such a conclusion and I whole heartedly agree (not with the drug part). This needs to be addressed now not later! We can’t just let this slide. Nip it in the bud! And since when did Bush become King of America?! I think more people need to pay attention to what’s going on with our government. Seriously! I’m not big on politics personally, but I sure as hell pay quite a bit of attention to the bills that are being passed and the articles that talk about them. This isn’t something that we should be lazy about. Pretty soon, privacy is going to be a fantasy in America…

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