Ping: A BlackBerry Messenger App For iPhone Owners

ping iphone app

You read the headline right. iPhone owners have their very own messaging system thanks to Ping!, the latest buzzingapp for the iPhone. If you’re tired of being out of the Crackberry messaging loop, you can now start your own with your iPhone friends. So what makes Ping so special?

For starters, you can go ahead and cancel your messaging plan if all you do is text other iPhone users. Ping! allows for offline storage of messages so that you’ll never miss what others have to say whether your phone is on or off. Messages are sent and received instantly and push notifications of new messages are a plus! Lock in user avatars by syncing messengers with your contacts. Sending and receiving is as simple as having internet access. No logging on or off. No buddy lists. No text messages. Just send the message and move on.

All in all this is a no nonsense messenger for those that know entirely too many iPhone owners. Skip the text and calls and just Ping them from now on! All you need is a wifi, a username, and .99 cents.


There is now an iPad version of Ping that looks just as good as its iPhone companion. Click the image below for more visual goodies:

Alternatively, you might also want to check out Textplus, a free competitor to Ping! that supports group messaging, push notifications, and even helps you communicate with your non-iPhone toting friends.

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