Photobucket VS Flickr

I don’t have any results on the winners. No, this is a post pertaining to whether or not I should switch to flickr. What do you think?

What I need is a place to host my photo’s and display them on my site or on XXXMB which is a messageboard that I am an active participant of. It’s as simple is that. My traffic is heavy; bandwidth is not a concern. I don’t feel like going through my feeds to find it, but someone posted an article about whether or not to switch to flickr now that Photobucket has been acquired by Myspace. I’ll look for it tomorrow. In the meantime, which would you choose?

I also have a Zooomr account, but Zooomr can be extremely slow and unreliable at times. Photobucket has never served me wrong, but…..I’m a little worried about what will happen to the service also, due to the Myspace snatch-up.

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