Particls, Tangler, Creative Zen Vision: M

I’ve a busy two weeks ahead of me. So, my postings may diminish. Finals is upon me. However, I’ve gotten an invite and installed the software and web service Particls. A review to come Sunday.

Particls helps you track your favorite sites and apps by displaying desktop alerts for important changes.

The web is just too big. No one has time to keep track of all the sites, conversations and interesting bits and pieces that interest them. We all have real work to do and lives to live!

So what if you could subscribe to the sites you like best and be notified when they change. Particls even works out how important the new information is to you and displays a proportional alert.

For example, general information can be displayed on a news ticker, important stuff might appear on a popup alert and urgent information could be SMS’d to your phone.

Think of it like a highly advanced widget or filtered feed reader.

I’m not really interested in adding more applications to my desktop; I’d rather be using my browser. On top of that, I hardly ever see my desktop these days (even with the lovely Yahoo Widgets Engine running). On top of that, I love Google Reader. We’ll see how Particls competes with it. Definitely head to the website and check out the demo video. It looks really sweet!

Tangler may become a new addiction of mine, as far as social networking is concerned.

Tangler is a new network of advanced discussion. Join a group or start your own in minutes.
Real-time. Pictures and video. Instant notification.

No invite needed for this application.  You can head on over and sign up now. Also check out the demo to that. However, I’d like to note that some of the groups on this service are not very active and may not have been posted in since February! It’s still worth taking a look at though. I got 30 mins less sleep last night because of it.
I just received a Creative Zen Vision: M, courtesy of! Great little gadget, that’s too easily scratched. Review and pics to come soon.

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