Outside iPhone Weather App Gives Weather Alerts A Makeover

How often do you check the native weather app for the iPhone? Probably not very often. It just leaves you wanting a little more. The features of the native weather app are very basic. The UI is no better considering the capabilities of the iPhone. Now there’s an iPhone weather app for travelers that’s a little more enthusiastic about its job: Outside.

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Outside: Animated Weather

Outside is an amazing designed iPhone weather app for travelers. It brings back memories of the times you looked outside your window to see what the day would be like. Outside displays smooth animations to compliment the weather results. It gives you information about:

  • Current temperature / “Feels like”
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • UV
  • Humidity
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind

and more of course.

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iPhone Weather Notifications

Outside has become more than just a weather app. It is now a must have iPhone app when traveling because of its awesome notification features.  As a conference speaker and Intel Insider, I try to take on the bulk of opportunities given to me to make a difference. In doing so, things can get hectic. When they do, some things are bound to be forgotten and it’s usually the weather. So I barely pack what I should. Outside’s notifications help me with that.

Want to know if you should be packing t-shirts or gloves? That’s one thing the Outside weather app can help you with. The notifications feature lets you set alerts for:

  • T-shirt weather
  • Cold weather
  • High UV
  • Rain
  • Snow

Set the temperature and time to be notified and you’re all set. All days and forecasts that fall under the alerts are noted with a small icon in the app.

Give Your Weather Alerts A Makeover With Outside

You receive alerts via push notifications for 30 days when you buy Outside. Afterwards you’ll have to subscribe, which is really cheap:

  • 90 days notifications $.99
  • 300 days notifications $1.99

This isn’t a dent in your wallet and I’d advise going with the 300 days subscription. Outside shows up to 4 days of forecasts, which isn’t a lot, but enough for most travelers. One downside to the app is that you cannot see the weather for multiple cities at once. So you’ll have to remember to make some changes. All in all, Outside is worth the for a fantastic design, going beyond the standards of the native UI, all for less than a gallon of gas in Atlanta.

For more iPhone app reviews check out the Mobile section of SheGeeks.net.

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